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Making an Online Market Place For Sacrificial Animals

Eid ul Adha has always been a very important event in Pakistan, and over the years the market for sacrificial animals in Pakistan has developed into one of the biggest in South Asia. One of the key elements that have been missing in the market for sacrificial animals is that it has not been digitized as of yet. This is where our team saw a huge opportunity and through Mawesh-E-Mandi we plan to create Pakistan's first online marketplace for sacrificial animals.



Muhammad Sarim Raza

Co-Founder- Head of Strategy

Sarim is a recent graduate of Lahore University of Management Sciences(LUMS) and is passionate about digitisation and entrepreneurship. He looks after the strategy for Mawesh-E-Mandi.

Anas Azhar

Co-Founder- Head of Supplier Development

Anas is a recent CS graduate of FAST university and has been visiting the market for sacrificial animals from a young age. His experience with dealing with vendors is pivotal to our supplier development.

Ahad Lodi

Co Founder- Head of Market Development

Ahad is a recent graduate of NED university, and is passionate about developing new customers and markets. He also has prior experience in the trade of sacrificial animals, hence his skill sets help grow Mawesh-e-Mandi.

Muhammad Abubakr

Co Founder- Head of Technology

Abubakr is a recent graduate of FAST university and is a magician when it comes to IT. He uses his skills to support the digital infrastructure of Mawesh-e-Mandi.

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