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Ordering your sacrificial animal online sounds like a futuristic concept, but with Mawesh E-Mandi's transparent technology driven platform it has become a reality. Now you can order your sacrificial online through following the 8 simple steps given below:

  1. Log on to

  2. Browse through our collection of animals and select an animal of your liking

  3. Select your preferred animal, and place an offer. You will have the option of accepting the demand price or placing a counter offer through the text box given on the page.If your counter offer is accepted by the seller then our representative will contact you.

  4. Fill in the required checkout information and place your offer

  5. If your offer for the selected animal is successful, then our customer representative will reach out to you to finalise your order.

  6. After the confirmation of your order, you will have to transfer an initial deposit ranging from 2 to 7% of your product price to secure your offer.

  7. After receiving your deposit, we will coordinate with our vendor to set up a delivery date and time for your product which best suits you.

  8. The leftover payable amount will be received with delivery in the form of cash, or bank transfer.

Still have confusions regarding the process? Watch the video below to get a better idea of the above mentioned steps.

Browse through our collection of sacrificial animals, and order your sacrificial animal now!

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