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The transparency showed by mawesh-e-mandi was remarkable, I would recommend everyone to use their services, 

Ahmed Shoaib

Customised Buying Customer 

I was hesitant at first to register as a vendor with Mawesh-E-Mandi but after talking to the team I was assured that this platform would ensure transparency in its operations, hence I went ahead and registered as a vendor with them . That decision has been one of the best that I have made, as through their platform I have made dozens of successful sales, and have been very happy with the level of transparency ensured by the platform.

Aftab Ahmed

Registered Vendor 

It almost feels like a futuristic concept of Pakistani's buying their sacrifical animals online, but the level of transparency and efficiency showed by Mawesh-e-Mandi has made this futuristic concept come to life, and I as a customer am very happy with their services.

Hamid Hussain

Online Buying Customer

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